Managing Hemophilia A with "Essential Steps in Hemophilia"

After being diagnosed with hemophilia A, there are several decisions that need to be made, such as deciding on an appropriate treatment option, informing family members of the diagnosis, as well as considering certain lifestyle changes, and more. It may seem like a lot at first, but taking one step at a time is key to managing hemophilia A.

The Essential Steps in Hemophilia Facebook page can help patients and caregivers find information they need on hemophilia A, including resources, support, and treatment options. Essential Steps in Hemophilia can also guide patients in staying healthy and active while living with hemophilia A.

The Essential Steps in Hemophilia Facebook page has a series of educational videos meant specifically for patients and caregivers who are interested in finding information about the important steps to take following a diagnosis of hemophilia A. Also, a series of Facebook posts serve as helpful tips for managing the disease—for example, keeping a journal to track how they’re feeling and the symptoms they may be experiencing, realizing that they are not alone in managing their condition, and knowing that there are many organizations that provide information and support for patients diagnosed with hemophilia A, and a lot more.

Essential Steps in Hemophilia is just one more way that Grifols continues the commitment to helping patients and caregivers better manage hemophilia A.

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