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Healthy Bites

Antacids Can Cause Bleeding

After that pepperoni pizza that gave you heartburn, you may reach for relief in the form of an antacid. But be careful ...

Before Kindergarten: Behavior Therapy for ADHD

All kids test their parents, but children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have even more challenging behaviors. The uncontrolled running, touching ...

Insomnia? Just Chill Out

The latest breakthrough therapy to treat insomnia is not a pill, it’s a pad. The Cerêve Sleep System, approved by the US ...

Up Front

Groundbreaking Guideline

These guidelines help ensure patients with hemophilia receive the right care, delivered in the right way.

NHF in Action

Annual Meeting At a Glance

Clear blue skies and bright sunlight greeted the more than 2,700 attendees who gathered in Orlando, Florida, on July 21–23 for the ...

Global Focus

Working Together

This past July featured a first in the world of bleeding disorders: back-to-back meetings. First, the National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF’s) 68th Annual ...


Minding Your Medicaid

More than a quarter of the bleeding disorders population in the US relies on Medicaid to pay health expenses. Changes are afoot ...

Power In Partnership

Megan Adediran didn’t understand what was happening. After her son was born, he bled for five days after circumcision. A transfusion of ...

Well-Grounded Guideline

The comprehensive care model is ideal for people with hemophilia.

On the Move


If your walk, run or bike ride is becoming routine, try visiting a parcourse, or fitness trail, in your area. Developed in ...

Hemaware Jr.

When Your Brother or Sister Has a Bleeding Disorder

If you have a brother or sister with a bleeding disorder, you probably have a lot of questions.

Women's Health

Knowing and Doing

Helping women seek proper diagnosis, treatment and care for their symptoms.


Taking the Cake

Daniela Delgado and her parents, Janine Achury and Nemorio Delgado created Daniela’s Little Wish, which delivers cakes to children with disabilities or ...

Family Matters

Ties That Bond

“When Jorge was diagnosed, our family was diagnosed,” Cristina says. “We were going to figure this out together.”

Generation Next

Independence Days

Little about the growing-up experience is easy for children or parents. If you’re a young adult with a bleeding disorder, the transition ...

Prime Time

Listen to Your Liver Doc

You’ve waited more than 20 years to hear the words: “You are cured.” Now that the hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection is ...

In the Pipeline

Six at a Time

Epclusa® is the first all-oral drug to treat adults with chronic HCV infection from genotypes 1 to 6.