6 Virtual Fundraising Ideas to Support NHF

6 Virtual Fundraising Ideas to Support NHF

In-person events are not possible, but we can still stay connected
Author: Ian Landau

While in-person fundraising events and other opportunities to gather face to face to aid the bleeding disorders community are largely on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic (that lemonade stand will have to wait), it’s now as important as ever to support the National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF) mission to enhance education, advocacy and research for all bleeding disorders. Luckily, doing so isn’t difficult at all. Using online tools, you can put on a successful, fun and engaging event with minimal planning and for a group of any size. Read on to find out how you can connect with community members during these challenging times while supporting NHF and your chapter.

NHF’s Unite Your Way

Unite Your Way is NHF’s fundraising platform that makes any event a great vehicle for donations to NHF and your chapter. Simply register at the Unite Your Way website, create your fundraiser, and get the word out via social media and email. You choose your fundraising goal and all money donated goes directly to NHF. Need some inspiration? Try any, or all, of these ideas.

Run, bike, walk for dollars

Hopefully, you’re safely and responsibly exercising during this time. So why not make your regular activity routine into one that helps keep you and NHF healthy at the same time? Pick a goal of walking, biking or running a certain number of miles over a month, say, and ask people to donate per mile (e.g., bike 50 miles and encourage people to donate at least $1 per mile).

Dinner party

Even if we’re physically distanced at this time, we don’t really have to be socially distanced. A virtual dinner party is a great way to get together with friends. You can even turn it into a fancy gala without leaving home. Send out invitations with a suggested “ticket price,” dress up, cook some delicious food and even dance. Join forces with friends and family and plan a series of parties, and then pool all the donations together.

Game night

You’re no doubt already deep into your stash of trivia and board games. Invite friends and family to a tournament and charge an entry fee, which is donated to NHF. As with the dinner party idea, turn this into a rotating event and pool together all the money raised.

Movie night

Thanks to technology, you can host a movie night for friends and family and watch your favorite films or shows together. Browser extensions such as Netflix Party, Metastream, Scener and TwoSeven synchronize the viewing experience and even include group chat as you watch. You can link to your Unite Your Way fundraising page for participants to pay for their “movie ticket.”

Livestream talent show

Taking a cue from the many performers who’ve showcased their talents during this time to raise money for important causes, gather friends and family for your own show. Anything goes here: karaoke, a cappella renditions of favorite songs, magic tricks, dance performances. Choose a date and time that works for everyone, pick a ticket price (paid on Unite Your Way), create a program and have everyone participate via Facebook Live, Zoom, Instagram Live or another streaming platform.

Birthday, anniversary, graduation

Turn a milestone into an opportunity to let people support a cause that’s important to you: NHF. Facebook fundraisers have been successful at spurring donations in honor of birthdays and other life events. You can create a Facebook fundraiser and a Unite Your Way page to accept donations from friends and family.