Generation Next

The next generation is the future of the inheritable blood and bleeding disorders community! Meet these rising stars.

Illustration of young man holding a large needle on his shoulders.
You’re excited to go off to college, to feel the incomparable freedom of living away from home. But you’re probably...
Navigating College During a Pandemic.
For the roughly 26 million college students in the US, the pandemic has been particularly disruptive. We talked to three...
Dollars in quote bubbles
It can be tough as a young adult to get by financially—it’s not just that you want to go out...
LiveSmart PlaySmart founder Brian Ragishis dribbles a soccer ball on a field.
Brian Ragaishis is a high school senior in New York City who was diagnosed with von Willebrand disease at age...
Mikey Berkman and a teammate on the lacrosse practice field
Hint: it included his chapter, his coach, and a commitment to his treatment.
Young job seeker in an office talking with a potential employer
Here’s what to consider if you’re looking for a job.
Illustration of small person balancing on the rim of a wine glass.
How to assess your relationship with alcohol.
Split image of young man looking happy and disturbed
“I wish I could go back and tell my younger self to take my hemophilia more seriously."
Group of youths at an NYLI teen retreat in Texas.
Since it formally began in 2002, the National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI) at the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) has seen...
Young woman puzzled
When you turn 18, you can exercise your right to vote. At 21, you can legally purchase alcohol. And when...
Jacey Gonzalez on Capitol Hill in 2017
On March 7–9, 2018, hundreds of people from around the country converged on Washington, DC, for the National Hemophilia Foundation’s...
NHF's Young Hope Society aims to inspire millennial supporters
NHF's Young Hope Society aims to inspire millennial supporters.
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