My Journey

I always felt different from other kids because of my hemophilia. I endured pain nearly 24/7. While some bleeds came...
For women and girls with bleeding disorders, life is often a struggle to be seen and heard by medical professionals...
Newly minted lawyer Taylor D. Flake-Lawson is determined to fulfill her dreams.
Michael Tuberdyck: I found out I had hepatitis C sometime in the 1990s, which I contracted years before from tainted...
I’ve always known I had hemophilia, even before I knew what it was. Since it’s all I’ve ever known, there...
"I use a huge array of skills, from helicopter usage to search-and-rescue techniques to how to capture bats."
"She’s learning to go for her dreams."
How four members of the bleeding disorders community faced mental health challenges and found ways to thrive.
With Country Boy Fishing, Brandon Young combines his passions for angling and mentoring.
"There’s nothing anyone can throw at me that I can’t handle."
Quinn hung up his skates at 20 because of his bleeding disorder—but he still made it to the NHL.
A man with severe hemophilia B and his soaring ambition.
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