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A Brief History of Gene Therapy: What It Means and Its Promise for the Hemophilia B Community
Over 10,000 individuals worldwide have been treated with various gene therapy products. Gene therapy is a medical treatment that uses...
The Perils of Pain & The Potential for Progress
Clinical Trial Tests Rofecoxib for Treating Hemophilic Arthropathy
A New Opportunity to Address Chronic Pain
Clinical Trial Tests Rofecoxib for Treating Hemophilic Arthropathy
Protecting Joint Health: What Motivates You to Get Active?
Sponsored content by Sanofi Genzyme. Healthy joints are important for our health. They allow us to do the things in...
View Estimated Factor VIII Levels Anytime with myWAPPS App
myWAPPS provides real-time factor level estimates, based on your pharmacokinetics (PK) profile
Identifying Factor Levels for Physical Activities with Pharmacokinetics
Pharmacokinetics (PK) can help you and your doctor determine the right dose and infusion frequency for you.
Hemophilia A Treatment – Personalize Your Plan with Pharmacokinetics
Explore pharmacokinetics (PK) terms and learn the role of PK in creating a treatment plan that matches your needs.
Groundbreaking Hemophilia Management Program Gets Results by Innovating Medication Therapy
AscellaHealth’s groundbreaking hemophilia management program is designed with patient care at its core.
Could the body have an immune response to experimental gene therapies?
At uniQure, we know that people with genetic diseases like hemophilia B may have questions about immunity, antibodies, T cells...
Gene therapy research can be complicated. The language doesn’t have to be.
You might have read our last few articles where we ask a lot of important questions about gene therapy, such...
How often do you think about gene therapy manufacturing?
Probably not that often. At uniQure, patients are the focus of all our decisions and discussions, whether those involve clinical...
What is a therapeutic vector? Learn about the tech that’s driving gene therapy research forward
Scientists today are working hard to understand how innovative technologies...
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