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As soon as Steve and Sheila Kopenitz learned that their newborn grandson, Steven, had been diagnosed with severe hemophilia A...Read More
When Val D. Bias became chief executive officer of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) in 2008, he wasn’t just the...Read More
On the first day of her pediatric internship at San Francisco General Hospital, Marion Koerper, MD, noticed a 4-year-old boy...Read More
Growing up in Southern California, James V. Luck Jr., MD, heard inspiring—and hair-raising—family stories about orthopedic surgery. In 1911, Luck’s...Read More
Few young artists will ever make the sort of leap that Ramiro Gomez has in less than a decade. In...Read More
As a board member of Hemophilia of South Carolina, Renita Johnson knows that better care for people with bleeding disorders...Read More
On July 28, British professional cyclist Alex Dowsett accomplished something not many people probably thought was likely when he was...Read More
2019 Awards of Excellence The following people and organizations were honored with awards at the 2019 Bleeding Disorders Conference. Physician...Read More
The bleeding disorders community has changed dramatically over the past several decades. Advanced treatments mean people now live significantly improved...Read More
Named for the pioneering Stanford University physiologist who discovered the method for creating cryoprecipitate in 1965, revolutionizing care for people...Read More
“Music for the Cause is truly a labor of love.”Read More
"It’s been transformative to see the care and the changes that have occurred in the time I’ve been doing this."Read More
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