Adults & Aging

Aging with an inheritable blood or bleeding disorder can be challenging. Get tips for what to expect and how to deal here.

Ask a Social Worker: Questions About Co-Parenting After Divorce and Preparing for Aging
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Black and white photo of woman typing on a typewriter.
Technology can be overwhelming. After all, you didn’t grow up with computers, and now they’re everywhere. Whether you want to...
A senior man in athletic wear flexing as he lifts weights.
Strength training is an important part of a comprehensive exercise program, especially as you get older. It not only builds...
Older couple's hands
Forget the traditional notion of older folks having little to no sex. These days, men and women over 60 are...
Illustration of imaginary part of brain flexing biceps inside a man's head
Don’t assume that as you age, so-called senior moments have to become a part of your future. Sure, everyone misplaces...
Older couple walking on boardwalk through grassland
When Mark Deneen, 70, retired in 2010, he felt he needed to move somewhere warm. His place of residence—cold, damp...
arm showing a band-aid where a vaccine was given
Just as with kids, having a bleeding disorder is not a reason for adults to opt out of immunizations.
Ronald Staake of Santa Monica, California, zip lining.
What to think about when considering surgery.
Illustration of three combined human figures
Older adults with bleeding disorders face unique challenges. Connecting with others can help.
Man looking out window
Research shows that depression is a significant issue for people with bleeding disorders.
Man doing yoga by a lake
Older people with this hemophilia complication face unique challenges.
Intertwined carrots
Confronting the challenges that come with being ‘back on the market.’
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