Bleeding Disorders Social Media Accounts to Follow

Bleeding Disorders Social Media Accounts to Follow

Whom to follow for in the hemophilia and VWD community

Social media is wonderful for entertainment, news, and connecting with family and friends. But along with funny animal videos and updates from your social circle, channels such as Twitter and Facebook are also great ways to stay informed about developments and important events in the bleeding disorders community.

If you’re not following these accounts, you’re missing out.


• National Hemophilia Foundation

Keep up to date with the latest advocacy campaigns, research news and more on NHF’s Twitter and Facebook feeds (both of which are available in Spanish).


• MyHemophiliaTeam

MyHemophiliaTeam is a free, password-protected social network where you can connect with others in the hemophilia community on your phone, tablet or computer to share tips and find support. Parents and spouses in the community are also welcome to participate.


• Hemo Girls Rock

Hemo Girls Rock is devoted to letting the world know that women can have hemophilia, and to connecting women with bleeding disorders together for support.


• BloodStream Media

Keep up with all the latest from BloodStream Media, a podcast network that produces four informative and entertaining shows hosted by bleeding disorders advocate Patrick James Lynch. BloodStream’s offerings are aimed at a wide range of people in the bleeding disorders community: patients, doctors, friends and caregivers.


• World Federation of Hemophilia

Get insight from the Montreal-based organization into the latest developments affecting the international bleeding disorders community.