View of the Petronas Twin Towers from inside the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Looking Ahead to the WFH 2020 World Congress

Delegates from around the globe will descend on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for the largest international bleeding disorders meeting of the year

Excitement is already building for the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) 2020 World Congress, which will take place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, in Malaysia’s capital, from June 14-17. Kuala Lumpur—one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Southeast Asia in terms of population and economic activity—is a fitting host for the event, which will be the largest international meeting of the global bleeding disorders community in 2020. The WFH World Congress is the only world congress that is multidisciplinary, focusing on patients and on how an extended team can take care of people with bleeding disorders.

The previous WFH World Congress, held in Glasgow, Scotland, in 2018, was a great success. Thousands of attendees from around the world heard expert speakers covering the latest developments in research and the treatment and management of bleeding disorders—sometimes in standing-room-only sessions. The WFH is hard at work preparing for the 2020 Congress—collaborating with today’s thought leaders to ensure that the event is another special one.

The WFH 2020 World Congress program is still being finalized, but so far nearly 40 speakers have signed on—25 of whom are new to the Congress. The program will cover a number of important topics, including:

• Gene therapy and hemophilia (including new country initiatives)

• Acquired bleeding disorders

• The critical need for harmonized post-marketing surveillance in gene therapy

• Invasive procedures

• Thinking differently about inhibitors

• Management of comorbidities in bleeding disorders

• Substitution therapy

• Women with hemophilia

• Von Willebrand disease (VWD)

• Rare bleeding disorders and platelet disorders

• Redefining prophylaxis in the modern era

Participants will have the chance to listen to, interact with and learn from many expert speakers. Attendees can network in person—an invaluable opportunity in today’s smartphone-obsessed world. The spacious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre offers visitors many locations for formal and informal get-togethers.

Along with educational opportunities, participants can take part in many social activities. Kuala Lumpur itself has much to offer as a destination. The city offers a range of activities, from exploring old colonial and Malay Islamic architecture to enjoying beautiful parks and rich culture. Kuala Lumpur also features a built-in photo-op with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, the tallest twin buildings in the world and a symbol of the city.

The WFH 2020 World Congress will be a key event next year for the global bleeding disorders community. We hope to see you there.

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