Why Donating Plasma is Essential for Research & Diagnostic Testing

Why Donating Plasma is Essential for Research & Diagnostic Testing

Is donating plasma safe when you have a severe bleeding disorder?

In most cases, the answer is yes! Plasma fully regenerates in the body within 48 hours. When you have a bleeding disorder, you will need to donate in a special Source Plasma Licensed facility. These centers went through a rigorous process to obtain their licensing through the FDA.


Our beloved founder, George King (1922-1987)

George King Bio-Medical is a 3rd generation family owned and operated company located in Overland Park, KS. Prior to starting the company, George J. King became involved with the Hemophilia Foundation in his hometown of Rochester, NY. His involvement led him to eventually serve as a 2-term president of the National Hemophilia Foundation during the1970’s. Throughout his multiple terms as president with the NHF, he had a vision of how he could help and serve people with bleeding disorders. He knew that people with bleeding disorders had very large financial needs for treatment. He also saw the need for further research in the field of bleeding disorders. His vision was to bring these 2 needs together to help each other. He created George King Bio-Medical Inc. with this vision in mind. His goal was to perpetuate his company long after he was gone. He opened George King Bio-Medical, Inc. in 1973 in Salem, New Hampshire. The company moved to Overland Park, Kansas in 1978. Through the years, George King Bio-Medical, Inc. evolved into an internationally renowned supplier of clinical hemostasis products.

Today George King’s vision continues, keeping his company goals alive and proudly celebrating our 50th year of business.


Laboratories, research facilities, pharmaceuticals, and most importantly patients rely on accurate lab results for effective treatment. Many labs require plasma for research and testing. Despite the industry’s best efforts to create synthetic material, the ideal source is plasma from patients with a congenital severe factor deficiency. Due to increasing demands for laboratory testing, the need for plasma-based laboratory reagents continues to rise.

This is where George King Bio-Medical, Inc. partners with you!

We are growing our plasma donation base for our 50th banner year! We’re currently adding FV, FVII, FVIII, FIX, FX, FXI, FXII, FXIII, all types of Von Willebrand’s Disease and FVIII w/ Inhibitor. To be considered, you must be severe, <1% activity level, over 18 years of age, greater than 110 pounds, HIV negative, HCV negative (except for FVII, FVIII, FIX, FXI, & FXII) and want to help in furthering research!


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