Fighting For You

Fighting for You

The bleeding disorders community is a diverse one: There are parents ­startled by the diagnosis of an unexpected disorder in...Read More
What do a TV star, a juggler and a mock candidate for president of the United States have in common?...Read More
Social media has long been lauded for its ability to connect people with common interests, regardless of their location. When...Read More
Kyle Brown is fortunate that his hemophilia treatment center (HTC) kept ordering his medications. Ideally, his prophylaxis supply should have...Read More
It was December 1984, and Ryan White was a middle school student in Kokomo, Indiana. He’d just learned during hemophilia...Read More
In January, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) announced the dedication of the NHF/Novo Nor­disk HANDI Library with a ribbon-cutting ceremony...Read More
On April 28, on the banks of the Hudson River, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) welcomed 250 people to its...Read More
When Michelle Rice’s older son, Lance, was 5 days old, he had an intra­cranial hemorrhage and spent three weeks in...Read More
Having the right health insurance can mean the difference between smooth sailing and being shipwrecked when it comes to coverage...Read More
To be a successful advocate, you need key tools at your disposal, such as a way to voice your opinion...Read More
Bills that come up for a vote in Washington, DC, often stall as they get defeated repeatedly on the US...Read More
When Dawn Rotellini started the Rocky Mountain Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Association in Bozeman, Montana, 15 years ago to serve...Read More
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