5 Films that Capture the History of the Bleeding Disorders Community

5 Films that Capture the History of the Bleeding Disorders Community

Films and videos can help you and your family members become more educated about the history of the community
Author: Donna Behen

If you or a family member is newly diagnosed with a bleeding disorder, watching films and videos can be a good way to learn more about the history of the bleeding disorders community—especially to become more educated about the devastating effects that HIV/AIDS has had on people with bleeding disorders, and the ways the bleeding disorders community fought for a safer blood supply.


Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale
This 2010 documentary explores the development of plasma protein therapies and the impact contaminated blood has had on the bleeding disorders community since the 1980s. Through interviews and archival footage, the film illustrates the mistakes of the past and the lasting effect on individuals and families.


The Ryan White Story
A 1989 television drama that tells the story of Ryan White of Kokomo, Indiana, who was diagnosed with AIDS at the age of 13 due to contaminated factor infusions he had received to treat his severe hemophilia. White and his family advocated for social justice and scientific research to improve the lives of those with HIV/AIDS. He died in April 1990, one month shy of his high school graduation.


The HIV Story Project
This San Francisco-based nonprofit organization uses personal stories to help advance HIV/AIDS education and awareness. The organization’s YouTube channel features interviews with several members of the bleeding disorders community, including National Hemophilia Foundation CEO Val D. Bias and Ryan White’s mother, Jeanne White-Ginder.


Blood Roots - Hemophilia Treatment Centers
A documentary about the history of hemophilia treatment centers in the U.S.


Coming Soon: Bombardier Blood
This upcoming documentary film tells the story of mountaineer Chris Bombardier, the first person with hemophilia to summit Mount Everest. The film captures Bombardier’s preparations and his epic climb. It also focuses on his commitment to raise awareness and funds to help the international bleeding disorders community.