Apply for NHF’s National Youth Leadership Institute

The deadline to apply is August 17
Author: Beth Marshall

If you are 18–22 years old and interested in enhancing your leadership skills, the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) has an opportunity for you to apply for membership in its National Youth Leadership Institute (NYLI).

NYLI is a three-year program designed to assist young people in the bleeding disorders community in becoming effective, recognized leaders. NYLI members receive training in public speaking, program development and facilitation, and advocacy. They are paired with a staff liaison who offers guidance, support and feedback. NYLI members will attend NHF’s Annual Meeting to receive training, participate in panel discussions and attend sessions. They will also present educational sessions at other bleeding disorder conferences, advocate on behalf of the bleeding disorders community at Washington Days and have opportunities for internships within the bleeding disorders community.

“If we want to protect the future of the bleeding disorders community, we need to invest in it,” says Ayana Woods, NHF’s director of education. “We hope that giving young people a good foundation in education and advocacy will result in having great chapter leaders and community advocates who will continue the work of improving the lives of people with bleeding disorders.”

The NYLI program is open to young adults with strong leadership po­tential and who are living with a bleeding disorder or who have a ­sibling with a bleeding disorder. To apply, download the application, or e-mail Christie VanHorne, NHF ­manager of education. The deadline to apply is August 17.