Cartoon boy and girl playing indoors

Creative Couch Time

These ideas can keep you entertained even when you can’t run and play
Author: Heather Boerner

It’s that time again. Your ankle or knee is hot to the touch. You’re achy. You’re stuck at home again. It’s no fair and no fun, right? Wrong!

Sure, your video games and books will keep you  busy. But what if you want something different? These ideas can keep you entertained even when you can’t run and play.

Leg and Ankle Bleeds

You might not be able to walk, but you’re not stranded. Get busy with those hands.

Game Day
Card games and board games can be as exciting as a video game, but even more fun, because you play with friends and family. Uno and Crazy Eights allow you to try to outsmart your friends and win! Invite your friends over to play.

Flying Saucers
Take StyrofoamTM bowls and staple them together at their lips to make space ships. Use markers to color them and then compete with your buddies to see who can throw them the farthest into outer space. (Be sure to ask the grownup in charge before you throw anything in the house.) Or try indoor Frisbees—fun for throwing and they won’t hurt things or you!

Music Man
Or put a LEGOTM or other small toy in the middle of the Styrofoam bowls before you staple them. Voila! A tambourine. Now you’ve got an instrument to play while you sing your favorite songs.

Arm and Shoulder Bleeds

Lots of kids like to play their video games when they’re lying on the couch. But what if it hurts to move the joystick?

Toe Art
Toes aren’t just for walking anymore. They can also be used to make art! Get Mom’s or Dad’s permission to cover the floor with a big towel and put construction paper on top of that. Then dip your tootsies in finger paints to see how talented your toes really are!

Dive for It
Put a towel on the table or kitchen counter and ask a grownup to fill a tub with water to put on top of it. Then float some apples in it. Dunk your head in the water and try to grab the apple by your teeth. Too boring? Try bobbing for cherries.

Be a Mad Scientist
Ask your parent to help set up a mini science lab on the kitchen table. You’ll need vinegar and baking soda. With your healthy arm, place newspaper or a kitchen towel under a plastic cup. Add vinegar to the baking soda and watch it boil over! But be careful not to touch it.

Make Believe

Playing pretend doesn’t require arms or legs. Maybe you are a ruler from outer space whose enemies tried to destroy him by crushing his legs. Pile up the pillows, get behind the couch and get ready to defend your fortress.

Whatever you do, your bleed will be over soon. Having a bleed doesn’t mean you have to turn into that boring old stick-in-the-mud, Mr. or Miss Couch Potato! You can have fun while you heal.

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