Partnering for Knowledge

NHF and WebMD have partnered on a hemophilia learning initiative

Hemophilia Treatment and Bleed Prevention includes three educational activities on hemophilia A or B, with individual segments designed specifically for new parents of young children as well as teen/young adult men. This initiative is supported by an independent educational grant from Biogen.

Activities include:

• “How to Prevent and Treat Hemophilia Bleeds”
• “Which Hemophilia Treatment Approach Is Best for My Child?”
• “Hemophilia Treatment: What to Ask Your Doctor or Nurse”

The overall purpose of the program is to help patients with hemophilia and their parents make informed treatment decisions. These activities also provide parents with tips for communicating effectively with the hematologist and nurse at the hemophilia treatment center to optimize their child’s care. The program is easily accessible and free of charge.

To see the activities, go to: