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Eat Right, Gents

Advice for maintaining a well-balanced diet

A well-balanced diet is important for men as they get older. Here are a few tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics:


Strong Bones.

Good sources of calcium and vitamin D include low-fat or fat-free milk and yogurt; dark green, leafy vegetables like kale and broccoli; and fish.


Plenty of Fiber.

Foods with fiber provide roughage, which keeps you regular and fills you up. Aim for 30 grams daily from whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

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Balancing Potassium and Sodium.

Reducing sodium and increasing potassium help lower blood pressure. Bananas and low-fat or fat-free milk and yogurt pack potassium. Skip the salt; season foods with herbs and spices.


Focus on Good Fats.

Unsaturated fats are good for the heart, especially extra virgin olive oil, nuts and avocadoes. Eat fewer servings of fatty meats, deep-fried foods and baked goods.

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Calories Do Count.

You probably can’t exercise or eat like a teenager anymore, so your calorie intake should be lower.

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