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Helpful Tools to Keep Track of Your Hemophilia Treatments

These electronic options can help make record-keeping easier
Author: Beth Howard

When you have a bleeding disorder, staying on top of treatment regimens can prevent devastating consequences. Adherence is associated with fewer bleeding events—overall and in the joints—and a reduction in joint disease. What’s more, it’s linked to fewer sick days, decreased pain and a greater quality of life. These apps can help you stay on track.


ATHNadvoy is operated by the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN). In addition to tracking infusions and bleeds, the web-based tool and mobile app allows you to transmit your treatment information to your hemophilia treatment center, where it can be added to your records. Cost: Free

HemMobile, HemaGo and HemoTrax

These three mobile apps, created by pharmaceutical companies and available on both iPhones and Android devices, can help patients and their families log infusions, record bleeds and track activity. The HemMobile app can be paired with Google Fit to track the intensity of activities by recording heart rate, steps and duration. Cost: Free


Hemocraft from Pfizer takes off from the popular video game Minecraft, with a scenario that teaches children with bleeding disorders about the importance of staying prepared and sticking to their treatment plan. Through the “Hemocraft Infusion Adventure,” kids go on an epic quest to defeat a dragon and save a village, while also managing their avatar’s hemophilia—they collect materials to create an infusion kit and visit a “Factor Bar” to monitor their character’s factor stores. Cost: $26.95 (for Minecraft)


A web and mobile app, MicroHealth lets users track bleeds and infusions, set up text reminders for treatment and share their health status with their care team. Cost: Free