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5 Free Apps for Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

Understanding when you have your period and the symptoms that go with it can help you have greater control over your health, especially if you have a bleeding disorder.
Author: By Matt Morgan

Paying attention to your menstrual cycle is important if you have a bleeding disorder. Tracking your cycle and the symptoms that might be related to it can help you better anticipate heavy bleeding episodes and monitor changes in the duration and intensity of your period.

Period tracking also helps you to know what is normal for you, so you can talk to a healthcare provider whenever anything seems unusual.

Being armed with information about your menstrual cycle can help you take better control of your care and have greater confidence in your general health.

Here are five to consider to help you track your menstrual cycle:


The Clue period tracking app enables you to log related issues, such as acne, energy levels, and mood. Content includes tips about periods and reproductive health. A paid version, Clue Plus, includes personalized features, deeper analysis, and advanced predictions and insights.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases



Among the most popular period tracking apps, Flo is known for its graphics, community chats, and good user experience. The app also allows a partner to sync to it. Flo features an optional anonymous mode that doesn’t keep personal information such as name and email address. Flo Premium provides access to a well-being plan, a health assistant, and videos.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases


Ovia: Fertility, Cycle, Health

Ovia is technically a pregnancy tracker that also has good functionality for tracking periods and other health categories, such as mood and nutrition. The app offers tips and insights based on your tracking data, which users say is easy to enter. Although the app is free to use, a paid membership unlocks premium features.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free



Featuring robust data analytics, Glow helps you track your cycle but also tells you the best time to conceive. A paid version, Glow Premium, offers extra content, insights, and support. Its health log can keep tabs on dozens of signals related to your reproductive health, highlighting patterns in your cycle with greater precision the more you use it.

Available for: iPhone and Android

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases



The Cycles app is highly customizable with simple, understated graphics, which might be welcome if you want to be discreet in public. One key feature of the app is the ability for a partner to sync to it. A paid version, Cycles Premium, unlocks cycle-related predictions and features to share details about your cycle with your partner. The app is available only for Apple devices.

Available for: iPhone 

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases