Community in Action

The bleeding disorders community has changed dramatically over the past several decades. Advanced treatments mean people now live significantly improved...
Named for the pioneering Stanford University physiologist who discovered the method for creating cryoprecipitate in 1965, revolutionizing care for people...
“Music for the Cause is truly a labor of love.”
"It’s been transformative to see the care and the changes that have occurred in the time I’ve been doing this."
"I think I’m a better nurse because of the types of patients I’ve taken care of, in hemophilia and oncology."
"To know that you somehow made a difference in that family...that’s a very fulfilling feeling."
"The second I started nursing school, I knew that I loved it."
When one of its own was diagnosed with hemophilia, an Oklahoma congregation sprang into action.
Hurricanes, wildfires and more test the bleeding disorders community’s preparation for emergencies.
People with no prior connection to bleeding disorders become passionate advocates.
In March, bleeding disorders advocates nationwide donned their red ties and raised a record-setting amount of money during the National...
One of the probably lesser known—and certainly most far-flung—of the 140-plus federally designated US hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs) will soon...
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