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Amelia Mickeliunas Lemonade stand fundraiser, Omaha, Nebraska In 2016, when Jenny and Joe Mickeliunas’ newborn son, Elliott, was diagnosed with...Read More
On Wednesday, February 28, people all over the world will celebrate Rare Disease Day. EURORDIS, a nongovernmental alliance of organizations...Read More
Alan Kennell’s son, Preston, has severe hemophilia A. Every fall, the Kennell family raises money and awareness for bleeding disorders...Read More
In 1990, Ryan White, an 18-year-old with hemophilia, passed away from AIDS. His mother, Jeanne White-Ginder, felt alone in her...Read More
Farro works to raise money and awareness for people with bleeding disorders.Read More
The Kevin Child Scholarship provides $1,000 to a student with hemophilia who is pursuing higher educationRead More
Connect to the bleeding disorders community.Read More
Barry Haarde has biked across the US to help people with hemophilia in developing countries.Read More
"I learned about NHF and found out what they do, the families that they help."Read More
Por lo general, cuando un proveedor de atención médica se enfrenta a una situación desafiante, quizás recurre a colegas más...Read More
Clear blue skies and bright sunlight greeted the more than 2,700 attendees who gathered in Orlando, Florida, on July 21–23...Read More
John Indence, NHF’s vice president for Marketing and Communications, passed away suddenly on Friday, May 20, 2016. He was 52...Read More
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