World Federation of Hemophilia World Hemophilia Day 2017

World Federation of Hemophilia World Hemophilia Day 2017

Listening to the voices of women with bleeding disorders, and lighting it up red
Author: Vanessa Herrick, Head of Communications, World Federation of Hemophilia

World Hemophilia Day is an opportunity to raise awareness about various issues faced by the global community. This year, on April 17, the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) encouraged the global bleeding disorders community to come together and show support for the millions of women and girls living with a bleeding disorder.


Sadly, women in the bleeding disorders community have faced challenges securing diagnoses, treatment and support in the past. The 2017 World Hemophilia Day theme, “Hear Their Voices,” highlighted the need for all people who suffer from a bleeding disorder to come together, recognize one another, and provide encouragement and guidance.


To mark World Hemophilia Day in 2017, the WFH brought the global community together online at to provide a space for people to tell their stories, discuss challenges they’ve faced and support one another. People are invited to continue to share their thoughts and experiences at this space, as well as a photo if they choose.


The WFH also launched its annual Light it Up Red! campaign, in which landmarks around the world are lit up in red for World Hemophilia Day. There has been amazing participation by the bleeding disorders community in the past, and 2017 was no exception. We have grown the Light it Up Red! initiative to include more than 25 landmarks around the world. Sites include both the US and Canadian sides of Niagara Falls, San Francisco City Hall, Trafalgar Square in London and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to all those who helped raise awareness in their community by contacting a local landmark and lighting it up red for April 17.


In the wake of a very successful and inspiring 2017 World Hemophilia Day, we encourage our community to go to the WFH eLearning Platform at to continue to learn more about women and bleeding disorders, as well as access other educational resources including webcasts, eLearning modules and other tools.


And don’t forget, World Hemophilia Day 2018 is coming up! The 2018 theme is “Sharing Knowledge Makes Us Stronger.” Visit to learn more.