Fighting For You

Fighting for You

Picture of a young woman in front of a red background.
NHF is keeping the bleeding disorders community informed.
A piece of art depicting a multicultural group of professional women.
For years, doctors dismissed Lisa Webb’s heavy bleeding as just something that women in her family had to endure. Despite...
A pile of stethoscopes, each a different color and branded with a college logo
When you’re getting ready to go to college, the checklist of what you’ll need is long: computer, backpack, a proper...
Health Insurance Tips for the Bleeding Disorders Community
Picking the right health insurance plan and navigating the issues that arise can be difficult, time-consuming and oftentimes frustrating processes—especially...
6 Virtual Fundraising Ideas to Support NHF
While in-person fundraising events and other opportunities to gather face to face to aid the bleeding disorders community are largely...
Are You Ready for Washington Days 2020?
On February 26-28, bleeding disorders advocates from around the country will convene in Washington, DC, for the National Hemophilia Foundation’s...
NHF CEO Val D. Bias
When Val D. Bias became chief executive officer of the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) in 2008, he wasn’t just the...
Renita Johnson and her son Edwin.
As a board member of Hemophilia of South Carolina, Renita Johnson knows that better care for people with bleeding disorders...
Illustration of tug of war between advocates and people in suits
A report from the bleeding disorders policy front lines.
The Banks family outside Rep. Jim Hines' office in Washington, DC
Advocate Jennifer Banks and her family's experience at NHF 2019 Washington Days.
Rosie the Riveter style illustration
The bleeding disorders community needs everyone to get involved.
Advocates from NHF's Washington Days 2019
Washington Days attendees share their wisdom.
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