Back-to-School Resources for Parents of Kids with Bleeding Disorders

7 Back-to-School Resources for Parents of Kids with Bleeding Disorders

Ease your anxieties and help ensure school officials are prepared to support your child

For parents of kids with bleeding disorders, a new school year brings a mix of excitement and trepidation. To help ensure your son or daughter has the best year possible, it’s key to communicate with his or her teachers and the school administration. Your hemophilia treatment center team can help guide you in these discussions, but you know your child best and you’re his or her best advocate. Not sure where to start (or perhaps need a refresher)? We’ve got you covered. The following information and tools will help you feel empowered and confident when advocating for your child at school.

HemAware Articles

Back to School with a Bleeding Disorder

This overview addresses several important points, including tackling fears that school personnel may have about having a student with a bleeding disorder, reviewing how to communicate with your child’s school and knowing your child’s rights under the law.

Back to School: What Are IEPs and 504 Plans, and How Can They Help a Child with a Bleeding Disorder?

Learn details about individualized education programs (IEPs) and 504 plans. These federal programs help ensure children get the support they need at school.

Excused Absences

Here’s what to do if your child has to miss several days of school because of complications stemming from a bleeding disorder.


Resources From NHF’s Steps for Living

First Step: Ages 0–8

The Child Care and School section of Steps for Living’s “First Step” includes practical tips on what and how to communicate with your child’s school.

Next Step: Ages 9–15

The School section of Steps for Living’s “Next Step” includes information tailored to parents and and to kids. Topics include tips on transitioning to a new school, the issue of disclosure and what to do about bullying.



What Schools Should Know: Having a Student with a Bleeding Disorder (NHF YouTube)

Parents can share this short video with teachers and school officials as an overview of bleeding disorders.


Printable Resources

The Tools for Connecting with a School section of NHF’s Steps for Living includes downloadable examples of 504 plans and IEPs. It also has a sample letter to school officials explaining your child’s bleeding disorder and outlining the procedures you’d like implemented to protect his or her health while at school.