Superhero Dad and Kid

7 Superpowers of Bleeding Disorders Moms and Dads

Having a child with a bleeding disorder can unleash a host of superhuman qualities

Bionic inner strength so you can be your child’s fiercest advocate.


Supernatural precision at accessing tiny veins to infuse your child’s factor.


Awe-inspiring nerves of steel to stay calm and collected when you’re infusing your child.


Herculean multitasking skills to juggle everything on your to-do list—from making appointments for the hemophilia treatment center to filing insurance claims to meeting with teachers and school nurses.


Enhanced surveillance skills to immediately identify a potentially dangerous activity and quickly intervene before an accident happens.


Extrasensory perception at recognizing when something isn’t right and your child may be at risk for a serious bleed.


Amazing resilience to cope with the day-to-day stresses of raising a child with a bleeding disorder and stay positive and hopeful for your child’s future.