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For years, allergists have warned parents of susceptible children to avoid peanuts. Further, during the past 10 years, peanut allergies...Read More
Although snails carry their houses on their backs, children shouldn’t. These days, backpacks serve as a catch-all for school supplies,...Read More
The blended family is here to stay. According to US Census data, in 2009 nearly 12 million children, or 16%...Read More
Caprice Sauter and her husband, Joe, knew there was a chance that the child she was carrying could have severe...Read More
A key region of the brain thought to be involved with emotion is smaller in preschoolers who were previously diagnosed...Read More
My first bleeding disorders conference was the North American Camping Conference for Hemophilia Organizations (NACCHO­). Through NACCHO, I discovered how...Read More
Stress. No one wants it, but everyone has it. And when you add a chronic illness like a bleeding disorder,...Read More
Blueberry cobbler and chocolate peppermint flavors entice children to try something that could be hazardous to their health—electronic cigarettes. The...Read More
Deciding if you should leave your child home alone can be difficult—nerve-wracking even. But it’s a choice that many parents...Read More
Actor and comedian Robin Williams’ suicide in August helped shine a much-needed spotlight on the prevalence of depression and other...Read More
Most teenagers don’t share a piano bench with Elton John during a concert. Or drive a red Mustang, a gift...Read More
Nine years ago, when Janet Patterson prepared to return to work after having her second baby boy, she worried. She...Read More
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