Cancer Risks with HIV

Cancer Risks with HIV

As people with HIV live longer, risk for certain cancers increases

With the advent of anti­retroviral therapies, people with HIV are living longer lives. That means they’re prone to other health conditions that come with age, especially cancer. 

A study published in October 2015 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine showed that patients with HIV were at higher risk of developing nine different types of cancers, compared with a control group of 197,000 adults without HIV. Of the almost 90,000 people with HIV in the study, there was particular concern for the rise in anal, colorectal and liver cancer with age. The study was conducted from 1996–2009.

“Knowing what the cancer risks actually are for today’s HIV patients as they live longer is useful clinically, because it can help us prioritize which cancers we need to focus on for this group in terms of prevention,” said lead author Michael Silverberg.