Disinfecting Your Airspace


Everybody’s flying somewhere these days, from destination weddings to business conferences and ecotourism trips. Just think, with an expected doubling of airline travel by 2032, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, there will be a bumper crop of germs lurking on the aircraft.

To avoid bringing home an unwanted bug from your long-awaited getaway, try these tips:

  • Use an alcohol-based hand wipe to disinfect the pull-down tray table. It’s the least likely item to be cleaned between flights. Plus, it’s used for everything from propping up a book to eating, drinking and playing with toys.
  • Staying hydrated helps keep your respiratory tract moist. Drink water before, during and after your trip. Remember: coffee, tea and alcohol are diuretics and cause your body to lose water.
  • Before you watch a movie, wipe down the entertainment panel. Use another wipe on the overhead light switch, air knob and call button.
  • Your armrest and seat cushion should be fairly safe. If you have an open wound, try disinfecting it with an alcohol wipe.
  • If you must use the airplane bathroom, use hand wipes on the door handles, faucet handles and soap dispenser. Use the disposable paper seat protector, too.
  • The pocket in the seat in front of you has probably seen its share of used tissues, trash and snack crumbs. If you need to stow items in it, place them near the top.

Source: frommers.com