Taming the Fast Food Tiger

Make better choices at the drive-thru

Cruising through the drive-thru en route to piano lessons or soccer practice doesn’t have to be a feeding frenzy of unhealthy foods. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has pointers on how you can tame the fast food tigers in your family:

• Order milk or water with the kid’s meal.
• Let your child choose smarter sides—apple slices or a baked potato, instead of french fries.
• The main meal doesn’t have to be a burger. Grilled chicken, a turkey wrap or a bean burrito pack more nutrients.
• Instead of a milk shake, suggest low-fat yogurt.
• Skip the bacon, cheese and heavy salad dressings on salads. Opt for fruit, nuts, grilled chicken and low-fat dressing.

Source: eatright.org