CDC’s Inhibitor Risk Study

CDC’s Inhibitor Risk Study

More than 1,100 patients from 17 HTCs participated

A six-year study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of patients with inhibitors, antibodies to infused factor product, revealed intriguing results. The study included 1,163 patients with hemophilia A or B from 17 hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs). The data showed:

  • 1/3 of subjects with newly developed inhibitors had either mild or moderate hemophilia
  • 1/2 of those who developed inhibiters were older than 5
  • 6/10 of people with hemophilia and an inhibitor didn’t have symptoms

The researchers concluded that all people with hemophilia, no matter their age or diagnosis, were at risk for developing an inhibitor. The CDC is recommending that all patients with hemophilia who receive care at a federally funded HTC should be tested yearly for an inhibitor by the CDC Division of Blood Disorders laboratory as part of its Community Counts blood monitoring program.