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Unexplained weight loss. Short on stamina. Winded while running. Those symptoms landed David Britton, who has mild hemophilia A, in...Read More
The American Heart Association (AHA) wants all Americans to know the warning signs of cardiac arrest and heart attacks. Familiarize...Read More
Despite the commercials on TV, osteoporosis—a disease characterized by weak, brittle bones—doesn’t just occur in older women. When Joe Nozemack,...Read More
As they get older, patients with HIV can experience fuzzy thinking. They’re slower to process information, have trouble focusing and...Read More
As baby boomers age, they’ll not only face arthritis, but the possibility of another “itis” with even greater consequence—hepatitis. In...Read More
Ryanne Radford had been getting an annual Pap test for about eight years without any complications. But after a Pap...Read More
Thanks to comprehensive care at hemophilia treatment centers (HTCs), improved safety of clotting factor concentrates and effective treatments for hepatitis...Read More
Growing older with hemophilia can feel less like the golden age and more like the rust years. Stiff joints, heart...Read More
A select group of hemophilia community leaders visited the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) national offices in New York City in...Read More
“Iron-poor blood” sounds like an old-fashioned ailment, but it’s not. It’s still the most common 21st-century cause of a condition...Read More
Dave Meuleman, a materials engineer in his 50s from Canton, Michigan, stepped outside his comfort zone when he sat down...Read More
For Mike O’Connor, attending college as a young man with hemophilia in the late 1970s and early 1980s meant forging...Read More
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