Boy and new baby

Oh, Baby!

Having a new baby is a very exciting time for a family
Author: Melanie Padgett Powers

Your mom’s tummy is getting bigger and bigger as a baby grows inside it. Maybe you’ve even felt the baby kick or push. Soon, you’re going to be a new big brother or big sister!

Having a new baby is a very exciting time for a family, but you may also feel a little nervous, unsure what changes a new baby will bring. You are also probably wondering if the baby will have a bleeding disorder like you do. Talk to your parents about any questions you have. Will the baby have bleeds, too?

If your new brother or sister has a bleeding disorder, you may worry that the baby will have bleeds or have to go to the hospital if he or she gets hurt. It’s normal to feel this way, but just remember: When you had bleeds or had to go the hospital, you got better. Your doctors and your parents helped you, and they will help the baby, too.

The bleeding disorder that your new brother or sister has may not act like yours. You may not get bleeds in the same places, and you may use different factor products. One of you may even need to take factor more often than the other does. This is just like what happens with your friends who have bleeding disorders—they have different experiences than you do.

Playing with your new sibling

If your new brother or sister doesn’t have a bleeding disorder, you may feel different or even jealous because the baby won’t have bleeds or have to take factor. But all brothers and sisters are different in some way. It’s OK to be different. Your parents will love and take care of both of you.

Being a big sister or a big brother is an important and fun job. You can help your parents by getting a bottle or diaper when they ask or picking up the baby’s toys off the floor.

And babies can be a lot of fun, too! You can sing songs and talk to your new brother or sister, make up adventure stories or read your books to the baby. You can make silly faces and play peek-a-boo. Having a new baby in your family can be exciting, and no matter how old the baby gets, you will always be the big sister or big brother.