On the Road Again

Travel advice to make your trip safe and fun
Author: Heather Boerner

Planes, trains, cars and vans—there are lots of ways to travel these days! And all the things that keep you healthy and stop bleeds fast at home can come with you on your trip.

Here are some travel tips for making your next trip safe and fun:

Pre-Trip Checkup

Your friendly neighborhood nurse, doctor or physical therapist at your hemophilia treatment center (HTC) may want to see you before you go.

If you like to hop, skip, run and play, a physical therapist might ask a few questions about what kind of exercises you like. He can help you come up with active things to do while you’re away. And if there’s a pool in your hotel, swimming is great for joints! So listen close and remember your physical therapist’s tips, even when you’re daydreaming about your trip.

Power Packing

To keep boredom away, traveling long distances means packing things to keep you entertained, like your favorite toys, books, games, music and movies. It also means packing supplies that keep your body strong and help you heal from bleeds.

You can help your parents round up your usual supplies, putting the important stuff in your carry-on bag and extra supplies in your suitcase. Mom and Dad might have to order these supplies before the trip, so remind them, and know where in the carry-on bag your factor and supplies are stored.

Alert! Alert!

Travel can be tricky. That’s why it’s important to be prepared. If you have a medical alert bracelet, be sure to wear it before leaving home. And make sure Mom and Dad have your travel letter. It’s written by your doctor, and describes your bleeding disorder and the treatment you need to keep you healthy. Your parents will probably present this to the airport or other security staff, so all your factor and supplies can come with you on the plane.

Have Fun

Now that you’re packed, prepared and prepped, grab your camera and get ready for a super trip!