Cartoon image children building snowman in front of house

Winter Wonderland Funderland

Snow means winter funtime
Author: Heather Boerner

Snow means winter funtime. You can make snow angels, build snowmen and go sledding. But, if you’re not careful, ouchy, achy bleeds can keep you stuck indoors. So what’s a kid with a bleeding disorder to do in the cold winter months? Have fun, but smartly!

That’s right: You can still have fun like your friends who don’t have a bleeding disorder. Just plan ahead, and be sure to listen to Mom, Dad and your friends at the HTC. If you do get a bleed, don’t worry. There are lots of fun things to do inside, too!

The first step is to get ready for winter play. That means telling your Mom and Dad—and maybe the nice nurse at your HTC—about the plans you have to play outside. Are you excited about a snow fight or making the biggest snowman on your block? Whatever it is, let the adults in your life know. They can help you plan a way to do it that will keep you healthy.

For instance, did you know that wearing a helmet when sledding can protect you if you take a tumble? It’s true! And what about that ankle brace you wear for basketball or baseball games? You can slide that on inside your boot to protect your ankle when you’re playing in the snow.

Your parents should make sure your equipment fits you perfectly, which can reduce the chance of a bleed. And if you’re planning to do anything where you could fall, they will tell you if you need to infuse first and help you do it, too.

But there may be some things you can’t do, like go downhill skiing. Even snowballs can hurt you. They can hit as hard as a softball and cause a bleed. Ouch! If your parents say no, you have to listen. They love you and are trying to take care of you so that you stay healthy both now and for years to come.

But remember, there are plenty of others things that can make winter wonderland a funderland. Exploring on snowshoes or cross-country skiing can be just as fun as swooshing down a ski slope. Challenging your friends to a snowman­-building contest can be loads of fun. Creating snow forts and hiding out are also cold-weather treats. And you can always enjoy hot cocoa, board games and video games with your friends and family inside when you get too cold.

Winter is a time for fun with your friends. And having fun without getting a bleed is even better!

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