Research and Treatment

Research & Treatment

MLOF is open to all people with hemophilia A and B.Read More
More than 100 researchers met for NHF's 13th Workshop on Novel Technologies and Gene Transfer for Hemophilia.Read More
The MLOF Research Repository will allow researchers to explore long-unanswered questions about hemophilia.Read More
Epclusa® is the first all-oral drug to treat adults with chronic HCV infection from genotypes 1 to 6.Read More
An update on FVII gene therapy and more.Read More
Telemedicine can bridge the distance between doctor and patients.Read More
Updates on Daklinza, Technivie, and the ACE910 trialRead More
NHF is committed to the training and support of clinician-researchers in hematology.Read More
NHF awarded 5 JGP Fellowships in 2014.Read More
There are times when less really is more. With the June 6, 2014, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval...Read More
Progress. For years, the bleeding disorders community has been waiting for meaningful progress for a greater understanding of hemophilia, for...Read More
A six-year study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of patients with inhibitors, antibodies to infused...Read More
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