Spring 2010

Up Front

Hemophilia Genotyping for All

Learn more in this issue's cover article, "What's Your Genotype?"

To Your Health

Study: High-Impact Activity Doesn't Increase Joint Bleeds

“PF Flyers make you run faster and jump higher,” boasted an old advertisement for Keds® sneakers. Turns out those two activities ...

Two Medications Approved For Von Willebrand Disease, Menorrhagia

In late 2009, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two new medications of interest to the bleeding disorders community: Lysteda™ ...

Financial Health

What The Healthcare Reform Means To Hemophilia Patients

While national healthcare reform passed in March, implementing it will occur in stages. The legislation is detailed and has many provisions. It ...

NHF in Action

Q&A: Brian Ward, president of Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders of Alabama

In each issue of HemAware, we take a look at how local NHF chapters and associations are making a difference in ...

Workshop Examines Emerging Hemophilia Therapies

A workshop on new bleeding disorders therapies provided insights on improved clotting factors, immune responses to new treatments and gene therapy safety.

Global Focus

A Global Effort to Treat Bleeding Disorders

A child and his mother travel for a week by bus in Peru to visit a treatment center. A young man from ...


Making Adherence a Routine

Read about the iPhone app Hemolog.

Donna LeBrun has a full-time job as a field service representative for a home care ...

The Benefits Of Knowing Your Genotype

“Missense” and “nonsense” make sense at the molecular level. These are genetic mutations that cause hemophilia. Knowing your genotype, or genetic ...

On the Move

Exercising On A Budget

Getting fit should shrink your waist, not your wallet. Commercial gyms and fancy equipment are fine if you can afford them, but ...

Hemaware Jr.

How To Share Your Bleeding Disorder Story

You share games and toys with your friends. You share snacks and pizza with your friends. You may even share rides to ...

Women's Health

Women’s Health and Bleeding Disorders Institute Launches

As Patrice Flax, MS, MSW, was chatting with the clerk at the checkout counter, she mentioned her appointment as education manager for ...


Q & A: William H. Velander of the University of Nebraska

In each issue of HemAware, we “Take 5” with people in the bleeding disorders community and spotlight their efforts with just ...

Community Voices

NIH Appoints Director of the Division of Blood Diseases and Resources

The appearance of HIV/AIDS in the bleeding disorders community was the defining moment in the life of W. Keith Hoots ...