Fall 2010

Up Front

Undiagnosed Bleeding Disorders in Women

When women ask their doctors about the cause and possible treatment for a heavy period, too many healthcare providers are quick to ...

To Your Health

Menorrhagia Relief

For some women with heavy menstrual bleeding, or menorrhagia, there is another option that can be considered before hysterectomy.

Financial Health

How the New Healthcare Law Can Help You

Much of the federal healthcare reform that passed in March 2010 will not take effect until 2014. However, key parts of the ...

NHF in Action

2010 Inhibitor Education Summits

People with hemophilia and their families need to learn about treatment recommendations, ways to cope with pain and how to advocate effectively.

MASAC Releases New Recommendations

The National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF’s) Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC) met April 17–18 in Chicago and issued four recommendations for ...

Rock On

In each issue of HemAware, we take a look at how NHF chapters and associations are making a difference in their ...

Global Focus

Mind the GAP

In April 2010, China marked its one-year anniversary as a member of the World Federation of Hemophilia’s (WFH’s) Global Alliance for ...


Burnout Breakthrough

When you’re the primary caregiver for someone with a bleeding disorder, sometimes it seems like just one more thing will make you ...

Iron Butterfly

Connie McMullan’s kitchen is a testament to the things she holds dear: a collection of stuffed bears, glass angels that sparkle in ...

On the Move

Dance as Exercise

For Lilliam Bervis, fun and fitness have become perfect partners. Bervis, 24, of Miami, has been salsa dancing for nearly 10 ...

Hemaware Jr.

Your Bleeding-Blaster Buddy

The first day of school: New clothes, new books and new kids to play with. You’ll also meet new teachers and school ...

Women's Health

Victory for Women

The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) wants all women in the US to be able to raise their fingers in the “V” sign ...


Major Player

In each issue of HemAware, we “Take 5” with people in the bleeding disorders community and spotlight their efforts ...