Spring 2016

Healthy Bites

6 Ways to Engage Your Brain

In 2015, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) published a report on cognitive aging, with recommendations on how to stay mentally sharp. Unlike ...

Be Smart About Supplements

Herbal remedies, weight loss medications, and other nonprescription products that are imported from other countries and that target certain minorities may be ...

Cancer Risks with HIV

With the advent of anti­retroviral therapies, people with HIV are living longer lives. That means they’re prone to other health conditions that ...

FVIII Storage Site Discovered

This discovery has implications for future gene therapy experiments.

New Drug Database

You may have noticed that the prescription that cleared your sinus infection didn’t work for your neighbor or spouse. That’s because men ...

Revised Mammogram Schedule

In October 2015, the American Cancer Society (ACS) changed its recommendations on breast screenings based on a review of evidence of the ...

Up Front

Treating a Community

“I wish my son just had plain old hemophilia again,” a mother of one of my inhibitor patients said.

NHF in Action

California Children’s Hospital Hosts Genetics Day

On a rainy Saturday in January, 26 people arrived at Valley Children’s Hospital (VCH) in Madera, CA, for one reason: to take ...

Washington Days Has Volunteers Seeing Red

The scene at Washington Days, the National Hemophilia Foundation’s (NHF) annual advocacy event, is characterized by a sense of excitement and exhilaration ...

Global Focus

WFH World Congress 2016

Hosted by the National Hemophilia Federation (NHF), the upcoming World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH) 2016 World Congress is expected to be the ...


Fighting Two Battles: Bipolar and Bleeding Disorders

Living with a bleeding disorder or caring for a child with a bleeding disorder poses a distinct set of challenges. Add a ...

Integrated Intervention on Inhibitors

✓ Inhibitors, antibodies to infused factor product, only occur in people with severe hemophilia.

✓ I’ve had way more than 150 exposure ...

The X Factor

Two women’s experiences with factor X deficiency.

On the Move

Climbing the Walls

Indoor rock climbing can be an enjoyable and healthy exercise for everyone, even people with bleeding disorders. Because technique is more important ...

Hemaware Jr.

Kids Who Volunteer Make a Difference

No matter how old you are or what type of bleeding disorder you have, you can make a difference.

Women's Health

Opening Doors to Better Care

Managing a bleeding disorder can be hard for anyone, but women face unique challenges, from getting a diagnosis to receiving treatment. To ...


Spreading the Word: HemosUnite Podcast

In each issue, we spotlight a member of the bleeding disorders community. Here, we spotlight Matti Vann, the woman behind HemosUnite, a ...

Family Matters

Family-Style Volunteering

If you’ve ever volunteered, you know how satisfying it can be to help others. When you volunteer as a whole family, everyone ...

Generation Next

A Record Year for NYLI

A youth leadership program offered by the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) is helping the next generation of bleeding disorders advocates connect with ...

Prime Time

Insurance Inspector

By now you’ve had a few months to live with the health insurance plan you chose for the year. That makes now ...

In the Pipeline

First Recombinant VWD Product, Two Other Drugs Approved

FDA approves new drugs for VWD, hemophilia A and HIV-1